Thanying Restaurant


Since its inception in 1988, Thanying Restaurant has devotedly created culinary history by offering the
most exquisite Royal Thai cuisine fit for the royalties. Meticulous effort is put into the preparation and the presentation of each dish. Moreover, each Thai Chef has his/her own area of specialty, served in the tradition of Thai court cuisine. To top it off, Thanying's most famous dessert buffet offers a grand finale after a sumptuous feast. It consists of delicious seasonal fruits that have been thoughtfully peeled and seeded, as well as traditional Thai sweets, all of which are beautifully presented at the counter decorated with delicately carved fruits skillfully executed by our Thai Chefs. The flagship Thanying Restaurant has a seating capacity of 164 and is located at Amara Singapore.

Shanghai, People's Republic of China

Thanying Restaurant will open its first outlet in China at 100 AM Shanghai in the second half of 2018.

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